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Another week in the books.  It seems like there’s never a dull moment in this country.  Tuesday morning, we felt the tremors of an earthquake near Greece.  The government is in uproar of a proposed law to keep Netanyahu from getting back in office.  Colin Powell passed away this week, and many have noted his affinity for Israel and the Jewish people.  

The image above is Nir Distenfeld.  Nir is an antiquities inspector, and he got a treat this week when a scuba diver turned in a 900-year-old sword in the waters off the coast of the Carmel Mountains.  Cool stuff. Nir is a registered tour guide but only in Hebrew.  If that works for you, maybe consider him for your next visit.  

We’re still anticipating the yoreh, which means the first rains of the season. The last rain is the malkosh.  That’s what we’re saying in Shema, that it should rain on time at the beginning and end of the season.  Note:  We just had a 2-minute shower as I’m writing this, now it’s sunny again. 


There is a great story behind the girl smiling in that picture.

Her mother placed an order for her birthday on Thursday, October 14th. Gili’s Goodies delivered the package to her school on Tuesday, the 12th.

Unfortunately, the mom called on Wednesday and told us that her daughter didn’t get the package and she was leaving for Tel Aviv on Thursday morning.

The package was delivered, but the school couldn’t find it. What to do?? No worries, Gili’s found out where she’d be in Tel Aviv the next day, and we arranged for her to receive a beautiful fruit platter, chocolates, teddy bear, and balloons (pretty much Mom’s original order). We caught her by surprise on her birthday in Tel Aviv. Sure enough, when she returned to the dorms on Sunday, the package was found.

What happened? A dorm counselor had put the original package in the wrong dorm room!!

Happy Daughter, Happy Mom, and Happy Gili’s!!

Avis tries harder; Gilis makes it happen.

As always, I hope to make you smile with some articles and nuggets from the past week. If you enjoy this newsletter, please let me know. If you don’t like something, definitely let me know. I love to get feedback.

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Shabbat Shalom and Good Shabbos.

900-year-old Crusader sword found by scuba diver off Israel’s coast

The 1-meter-long blade was spotted among other remains such as pottery and metal anchors in a site used as a natural anchorage as early as 4,000 years ago.

Generic, cancer-killing Israeli drug approved for marketing by FDA

The drug, and the company that makes it, is located in Jerusalem and was developed by Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz.
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235 members of a lost tribe of Israel come home

New immigrants from northeast India landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in a special operation to bring these descendants of the Tribe of Menashe to Israel.

Recipe of the Week: Eggplant with Tehina

Eggplant is the most consumed vegetable in the country. I definitely read that somewhere. Anyway, this recipe makes it a little potchke, you can find simpler ways to make it. But if you like to potchke, it’s worth it.


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