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This past week was pretty insane for Jacob Steinmetz, a 17-year-old kid from Woodmere because he became the first yeshiva boy to get drafted into the MLB. Not only that, but that he was drafted 77th overall in the 3rd round by the Arizona Diamondbacks is mind-blowing. There are a bunch of great moments from this. You can check them out here and here (make sure you hear the whole thing).  Let’s not forget Elie Kligman, the second Yeshiva kid drafted with the 593rd pick by the Nationals.

The United Arab Emirates opened its embassy in Tel Aviv this week. It was another great moment of deepening ties to our Arab cousins in the UEA. Mabrook!

Israeli Cancer treatment company, Alpha Tau, is merging with Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Healthcare Capital Corp to become a publicly-traded company with a valuation of a billion dollars. Mazal Tov.

A warm welcome to the many busloads of kids that arrived in Israel for the summer. Have the best time!

As always, I try to find some articles and nuggets from the week to make you smile. I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t like something, just let me know. I love to get feedback.

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Shabbat Shalom and a Gitten Shabbos.

‘Just the beginning’: UAE opens Tel Aviv embassy as sides hail ties

President Isaac Herzog attends opening of mission at Stock Exchange building following agreement last year to normalize diplomatic ties

First Temple-era walls, razed in biblical account, found unbreached in Jerusalem

Missing section of 8th-7th century BCE fortification puts in question narrative of 2 Kings in which conquering Babylonians ‘tore down Jerusalem’s walls on every side’

Cutting food waste with dynamic supermarket pricing

Wasteless looks to tackle food waste by using AI to lower an item’s displayed price gradually as it nears its expiration date.

2,000-year-old ‘Freedom to Zion’ coins found in biblical heartland

The coins, dated to around the Second Temple and Bar Kochba revolt periods, document the Jewish revolt against the Romans.

Recipe of the Week: Moussaka

Generally known as traif Greek dish. Israelis have made it our own by skipping the butter and going layers of eggplant with tomato spiced ground beef. Drizzle it with tahini, and amazing won’t justify it.


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Happy Birthdays

Benyamin Feifer

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Uri Bar Lev

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Doda Gila Aspir

Inna And Pesach Esman

Sharon And Family George

Shonnie And Effie Yadin

Ella Belzberg Thompson

Miss and Love You

Avi Fessel

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Noah Goldstein

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Thank You

David and Leah Cutler

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Loretta and Victor Cohen

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