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After months of waiting, Israel is finally getting geared up for its first rain of the season. The excitement is palpable. Check out this post from one of my favorite groups on Facebook, ציידי שטפונות והטבע, Flash Flood Nature Hunters.  I hope google translate can do it justice.  

Friday it begins,  it’ll strengthen on Shabbat, and it will hang out with us until Wednesday. So it’s going to be a great Shabbat for a cholent.  🍲

The whole country has been caught up in the horrible arrest of an Israeli couple in Turkey.  Thankfully, the drama ended with their release, and they returned to Israel this morning.  You can read about it below. Yay for happy endings! 

Every Chanukah, we partner with The Michael Levin Base and an organization known as Achi Achi, which delivers sufganiyot to IDF soldiers all over the country. It’s a beautiful initiative, as Chanukah is often cold and rainy. While everyone is going to parties and having fun, these soldiers stand on the front lines, protecting that right. So it’s even more special when we show up with fresh sufganiyot for our Chayalim. You can help support this initiative here.

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After Dry Spell, Israel Readies for First Winter Storm

Rain over the coming weekend will shift away from dry heat to thunderstorms and flash floods
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Arrival of Pfizer vaccines for kids said delayed; inoculation set to begin Nov. 24

Health Ministry reportedly informs health management organizations doses will only arrive next Tuesday

Liar, liar! ‘Reading’ faces, Israeli tech spots fibbers with 73% accuracy

Breakthrough paves the way for spotting liars from a distance via cameras, though it currently requires electrodes on the face; works by tracking micro-movements

Israeli couple accused of spying by Turkey released, sent home

Natali and Mordi Oaknin, who had been jailed for photographing the Turkish president’s palace, returned to Israel on Thursday.

Recipe of the Week: Moroccan fish in spicy tomato sauce – Chraime

A staple of Friday night Shabbat meals served with plenty of bread, Chraimeh, is fish in a spicy tomato sauce. Consider giving it a shot for tomorrow night. 🐟


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