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The first significant winter storm left its mark on Israel this week. Unfortunately, there were car accidents and downed trees but focusing on the bright side, the streams are flowing, the Kinneret is filling, and gishmei bracha, blessed rains, fell throughout the country with a focus in the north and center. We’re still officially in the middle of it, and today is not as rainy as yesterday, but the chill is in the air, and more rainfall is expected. Shabbat should be clearing and cool, with temperatures returning to normal next week. Above, you can watch a video of mapal hatanur, the oven waterfall, at the country’s tip near Metulla, part of Nachal Iyun. If you enjoy these kinds of videos, you can find more of them at these links. Waterfalls and Streams. Note: Not every video will be a flowing waterfall or stream.

A few weeks ago, we featured a guy that found a Crusader-era sword on the shore. Off the coast of Caesaria, marine archaeologists discovered a treasure trove of archaeological findings. Coins, gems, a ring, and much more. I’ll share a link to the full article below.

Israel loves to be first. We were first doing the 3rd booster vaccine, and we’ll be the first to offer a 4th as Israel announced plans to give booster shots to 60+’s and at-risk groups in the coming weeks. Omicron is spreading, and covid numbers are rising. We’re not sure how bad Omicron is, but we know we don’t want to find out.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan was in town this week for meetings regarding Iran’s nuclear program negotiations in Vienna. We hope it goes well. #nationalsecuritystuff

Our friends at Israel21C did an article to close 2021 with 21 reasons to be cheerful at the end of 2021. You can find the link below.

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1,700-year-old coins, Jesus ‘Good Shepherd’ ring, found in shipwrecks off Caesarea

Divers’ discoveries include a gold ring with green gemstone carved with Christian image of the ‘Good Shepherd’ – an early depiction of Jesus – and a carved image of ‘David’s Harp’

In world first, Israel set to give 4th COVID shot to over 60s, at-risk groups

Hailing recommendation by a panel of health experts, Bennett orders swift roll-out of extra vaccine booster for people over 60, immunocompromised and health care workers

Carmel storm’s peak passes, but heavy rain continues

Authorities warn the public to stay away from underground floors, roads, and beaches due to potential flooding; most showers expected in the north and along the coast, set to continue until Friday

Biden aide tells Bennett U.S. and Israel at ‘critical juncture’ on many security issues

PM tells Jake Sullivan talks in Vienna to revive 2015 Iran deal will have ‘profound ramifications for stability of Middle East’; Biden aide says he was sent to Israel ‘to sit together and develop a common strategy, a common outlook’

Recipe of the Week:This Red Kubbeh Soup Is A Jewish-Iraqi Winter Treat

Kubbeh Soup is my favorite soup on a cold winter day. There are 2 varieties and I much prefer the beet or red version. Savory sweet and sour with kubbeh, semolina balls filled with meat, soaking the liquid and warming up the soul. Check out this version from Jamie Geller


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