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On Tuesday, almost 3000 people tested positive for the virus, and Wednesday, the number was over 4500. Many smart people are working on the best way to handle it. Thankfully, the number of severe cases isn’t climbing, so it seems that omicron might be a way to inoculate people and develop herd immunity. Let’s hope omicron is the best strain to catch, and it should be the last one to make everyone sick. 🤞


Meet Hailey Kops, an Orthodox Jewish teenager from West Orange, NJ, helping Israel compete in the Olympic Pairs Figure skating competition. How she manages to balance her religious observance with her figure skating will drive some interesting discussions. Along similar lines, Behind the Bima, one of our favorite podcasts, hosted guests Elliot Steinmetz and Ryan Turrell, the coach and star player for the YU Maccabees. You can check that out here.

Israel attacked targets at the port city of Latakia for the second time this month with good reason that we won’t know about for some time.

Last week’s storm brought a significant boost to the country’s water supply. We’re now entering an extended weather system that’ll hopefully drop plenty of rain throughout the coming week.

Finally, the Golan got a huge boost this week when the government announced plans to double the population of the Golan and allocated a billion shekel towards the Golan’s development. How amazing it would be to see a new Golan with new communities and all that comes with it.#Zionism

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‘This is our moment’: Israel okays major plan to boost Golan, double its population

Cabinet holds meeting on a strategic plateau, with ministers approving $317M development plan; Bennett hails Trump recognition, then goes into quarantine as daughter catches COVID

Rising cases, empty wards: Israel’s COVID situation explained in six graphs

In mid-November, when Israel felt Delta was defeated, cases began to go up once again. How has the rise in infections progressed and where does Israel stand now?

Orthodox New Jersey teen is Israel’s newest Olympic skating hope

Hailey Kops will team up with veteran Israeli Olympian Evgeni Krasnopolski on the ice at the 2022 Winter Games

34 fabulous photographs from 2021

join us for a whirlwind photographic tour of the year 2021, from lockdowns to Dubai weddings, cowboys, and Covid shots.

Recipe of the Week:This Red Kubbeh Soup Is A Jewish-Iraqi Winter Treat

I’m running out of recipes, so I did a google search in Hebrew for Winter Recipes which helped me find this Zaatar Chicken Recipe. If you decide to make it, let us know. We’d love to hear about how it came out.


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