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The war in Ukraine is heartbreaking, and it’s impacting us all, each in our way.  We’ll still make this the “good” newsletter and focus on the positives of the last week.  Gili’s Goodies partners with United Hatzalah who are on the ground on the Ukrainian border helping the refugees, so if you’d like to donate to United Hatzalah you can do that here and you can click here for other links to help Ukrainian Jewry.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Adar which means we’re celebrating Purim in two weeks. Thank you to the customers that placed their mishloach manot orders and made donations for our soldiers. The register at Gili’s closes by March 10th for outlying areas and March 15th for all regions. So don’t delay, place your orders and send your hugs on time for a happy Purim.


Covid Rules Goodbye! March officially ended the covid19 rules except for entering a nursing home, going indoor public space without a mask, and all tourists are now welcome back into the country as long as they present a negative test. So calling all tourists, WE’RE BACK!!!

Israeli homebuilding technology company Veev completed its series D funding round with a $400 million raise. The company started as a construction company turned construction technology company. They’ve developed modular building technology to make the building homes faster, cheaper, and better. They’re onto something. #startupnation

This week, the whole world got to know Ukraine’s PM Volodymyr Zelensky. People may not know that he’s a former actor and comedian, and he’s Jewish. But, amazingly, he’s stepped into the role of a world leader in just a week. His line “I need ammunition, not a ride” will go down in history. Check out the article below to learn more about this fascinating leader.

Finally, the defense ministry seized some 30 cryptocurrency digital wallets from an exchange in the Gaza Strip. Defense officials claim the wallets are used to fund Hamas and are better in our pockets than theirs. #cryptodefense

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The Resilience of Ukraine and Its Jews

The most important Jewish leader in the world

The past week has turned us all into experts on Ukraine, now at the center of every conversation.

Starting March 1, all tourists welcomed back to Israel

As Omicron wave wanes, Israeli government decides to admit foreign citizens of all ages, regardless of vaccination status, subject to virus testing.

Israeli tech homebuilding co Veev raises $400m

Using Veev’s technology, homes are built up to four times faster than the construction industry standard, which brings down costs significantly.

Defense Ministry seizes cryptocurrency, digital wallets allegedly intended to fund Hamas

The Defense Ministry says it has seized digital wallets containing currency worth tens of thousands of shekels destined for use by the Hamas terror group.

Recipe of the Week: Maqluba

I heard Daniella Renov speak this week about her journey to Instagram Celebrity Chef, @peaslovecarrots. Anyway, I dug this one from her Instagram, and I encourage you to check it out. Shabbat Shalom


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