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The war in Ukraine is heartbreaking, and it’s impacting us all. However, we’ll still make this the “good” newsletter and focus on the positives of the last week. In addition, we’ll be delivering mishloach manot to the refugees that have arrived in Israel. If you’d like to order mishloach manot for the refugees, you can click the banner below.


Only one week left till Purim. Thank you to all of you that already placed your mishloach manot orders. For everyone else, next Thursday is the big day for everywhere except Jerusalem, which will celebrate on Friday. Our deadline for outlying places is TODAY! #afreilichinpurim

If you’re ordering to the country’s center or Outside Jerusalem, your deadline is on Monday. Finally, if you want to place an order to Jerusalem or Gush Etzion, you have until Tuesday, but why leave it to the last minute. Order today and have a restful Shabbat knowing you’re loved ones are going to be smiling ear to ear when Gili’s comes knocking.

On Motzai Shabbat, we found out about PM’s efforts to end the war in Ukraine. When he took a private jet to Moscow to speak to Putin, he then flew to Germany to update the German Chancellor. Since then, he’s had multiple conversations with both sides. I have no idea if it’ll lead anywhere, but I applaud him for trying.

President Herzog made a historic trip to Turkey where he met with Turkish President Erdogan. The hope is that the tide is turning. Turkey wants to thaw the relationship between the two countries since a series of incidents, including the Mavi Marmara flotilla, put relations on ice. So Hertzog met with Erdogan, and apparently, they had a fruitful conversation towards advancing ties. I guess he sees what’s happening in the Arab world with the Abraham accords, and he wants to get in too. We’ll see. 👀

An American tourist checking out caves around Qumran, where the dead sea scrolls were found, stumbled across a fully intact clay jug. He did the right thing and called his buddy from the antiquities authority, and they determined that it was a unique discovery from the early bronze age, think Avraham Avinu time, -3000 to 2500 BC. Cool stuff.

Finally, Bibi’s got covid. The opposition leader and former PM is resting and feeling fine, but the illness while he recuperates. So he joins the 46,000+ active cases of covid. His trial was already delayed because the judge got covid. Thankfully, the numbers continue to decline, and by the end of March, the covid rules will be scaled back even further, and we’ll go off into the sunset towards a covid-free world.

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Herzog: Erdogan open to true dialogue, tie-building advancing ‘under no illusions’

President hopes trip to Turkey laid groundwork for better ties between two countries; visits Neve Shalom Synagogue, scene of deadly 1986 terror attack, before returning to Israel

‘No one really believed it would happen’: first Jewish Ukrainian refugees arrive in Israel

Influx of 100,000 refugees from the war zone expected as members of the diaspora exercise the country’s law of return

American tourist stumbles upon intact Early Bronze Age pottery jug in Judean Desert

Officials say discovery at Qumran may be the first complete vessel from the period found in region’s caves

Senior Ukraine official: Bennett’s mediation is ‘good’ but Putin’s demands ‘absurd’

Chair of Kyiv parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee argues Russian leader using negotiations as cover to regroup, urges Israel to provide air defense systems

Recipe of the Week: MAQLUBA

Maqluba is Arabic for upside down, and it’s also the name of a popular Arabic dish, and it’s a one-pot dish that includes veggies, rice, and chicken or beef. I think I’ll give it a shot this week, and if you do too, please reply and let me know how it came out. Shabbat Shalom and enjoy.


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