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The war in Ukraine is heartbreaking, and it’s impacting us all. However, we’ll still make this the “good” newsletter and focus on the positives of the last week. This is just a reminder that you can support United Hatzalah, to support all they are doing to assist refugees escaping the war.


The Jewish world lost a giant this week. Rav Kaniesky was a “Prince of Torah,” a true giant. With estimates ranging from 400,000 and 750,000 funeral attendees, it was likely the largest gathering in Israel’s history. No politician or public figurehead, someone without any social media accounts, and dedicated his entire life to learning Torah, drew such a crowd. Assaf Liberman, a journalist who did an expose on Rav Kanievsky that you can watch here, wrote a short eulogy for him that you can find here and read in English here.

Special thank you from Dov Lipman, whose organization Yad L’Olim delivered mishloach manot to Ukrainian refugees that have just escaped Ukraine. If you gave it or not it’s amazing to hear Dov’s message.


Israel sent its humanitarian mission to Ukraine this week, where they’ll be setting up a field hospital. They left Monday and worked tirelessly so that by Tuesday afternoon, they accepted the first patients in their hospital in Mostyka, outside Lviv. All this while battling air raid sirens and wartime conditions.

Unfortunately, Israel suffered its worst terrorist attack in years on Tuesday, when an ISIS-inspired terrorist from the Negev town of Hura went on a killing spree in downtown Be’er Sheva killing four people. I’ll include an article about those beautiful souls so horribly taken from us in a few cruel minutes. This newsletter is dedicated to their memory.

The security establishment is working to produce the world’s first laser defense system to replace the iron dome. The Iron Dome is amazingly effective but expensive, with each intercepted missile costing between $100,000 and $150,000. The new laser system would reduce that numbers by 100x or more.


PM Bennet spent the last few days at a trilateral summit with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan hosted in Egypt by PM Sisi. I didn’t get the full report about what they discussed. Still, anytime we see pictures like this one, we can think to ourselves, Shehechiyanu Vikiyimanu Vihigiyanu Lazman Hazeh, who has granted us life and sustained us, and allowed us to arrive at this moment.

Finally, the 2022 Jerusalem Marathon will take place tomorrow. I calculated around 14,000 runners taking part, plus all the non-official runners. Please feel free to reply with wishes of good luck as yours truly will be running in the Jerusalem streets on Friday morning in the half marathon. The weather for the marathon is expected to be cold and maybe a little wet. I hope it’ll be as joyous as ever. #jrmmarathon2022

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Revered Jewish Sage Buried in One of the Largest Gatherings in Israel’s History

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis shut down large parts of central Israel to attend the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, an influential spiritual leader.

A Jewish girl was saved by a Ukrainian family during World War II. Now her grandchildren are returning the favor.

Facility close to Ukraine’s Polish border is expected to focus on chronic and pediatric illnesses, although it is prepared for trauma

Bennett’s Egypt summit touched on Assad’s UAE visit, air defense, bilateral trade

Abu Dhabi’s crown prince updated Israeli and Egyptian leaders on Friday’s meeting with Syrian dictator; PM presented vision of regional air defense network

Laser-based defense array to be deployed within year, Bennett says, speeding rollout

Prime minister tells INSS conference country will eventually be protected by ‘wall of lasers,’ announces campaign underway to weaken Iran, proxies


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