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The torrential rains we experienced last week have been filling up the Kinneret. The feeder streams are flowing at record levels, and the Kinneret rose a total of 32cm since January 26th. Approximately 13.5 Billion gallons of water have been added by my calculations. It’s still 1.46 meters from the upper green line, but with the streams flowing and snows melting, we expect it will continue to rise into the late spring-early summer.

The Dead Sea has been shrinking year over year for many years, and more recent phenomena are the appearance of sinkholes all around the dead sea area. The sinkholes have exposed some springs, including hot water springs, and the site has become a tourist attraction for adventuring tourists looking for a unique experience.

Rain is expected to return this weekend, with more snow expected on Mount Hermon. I encourage you to explore the videos on YouTube to see great videos of the waterfalls in the Golan and the streamsflowing throughout the country. Enjoy.

Israeli and American researchers working in the Jordan Valley discovered a bone from a hominin child dated 1.5 million years old. The bone is ancient evidence of human migration out of Africa, and the second oldest human remain found outside of Africa.

The winter Olympics are starting tomorrow, and Israel is hopeful for their first-ever winter Olympic medal. As expected, all the athletes participating are not native Israelis. You can read all about them below. #beijing2022

Finally, PM Naftali Bennet announced that laser defense systems would be deployed within a year, and Osem announced they wouldn’t be raising prices at this time after a public outcry from a previous announcement stating their intention to raise prices.

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Scientists find oldest evidence of humans in Israel — a 1.5 million-year-old bone

An ancient vertebra from an archaic hominin species child gives ‘unambiguous’ evidence of migrations out of Africa, Israeli researchers say

Israel’s small but proud Olympic delegation takes aim at the Beijing Winter Games

Four ice skaters and two skiers will represent Israel, while Jewish athletes from the US and Canada will also take to the ice at the 2022 Olympics, starting Friday

Osem puts off price hikes as consumers, ministers push against paying more

Histadrut labor chief threatens widespread protest as an only handful of companies answer government call to not burden consumers during the pandemic

Laser-based defense array to be deployed within year, Bennett says, speeding rollout

Prime minister tells INSS conference country will eventually be protected by ‘wall of lasers,’ announces campaign underway to weaken Iran, proxies

Suspected oil spill at sea could be a major regional pollution event, ministry warns

Environment Minister Zandberg says emergency plans to be readied as officials scramble to assess the threat from ‘suspicious patches’ 20-40 kilometers from shore

Recipe of the Week: Zahav’s Hummus Tehina

Hummus is amazing. I often eat a pita with hummus for breakfast. Last week we made fresh hummus and the result was amazing. We also made fresh tehina because great hummus is about the marriage between tehina and hummus. Enjoy.


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