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The bustling metropolis pictured above is Tel Aviv!
Not sure if it’s something to boast about, but Tel Aviv jumped five spots to grab the number one spot on the list of the world’s most expensive cities.  When you consider that Damascus is the cheapest, it helps put it in perspective. #BoomingEconomyProblems

Happy Chanukah to all our customers and a special thank you to the 500+ customers that placed orders and sent a ‘sweet hug’ over Chanukah.  If you didn’t order yet, you can order for the last days of Chanukah on Sunday and Monday!

Thank you to everyone that donated and supported our campaign to bring Chanukah to our soldiers on the front lines.  Here are some of the pictures we were able to capture. Look at the faces!


Omicron! Omicron showed up just in time for Chanukah. Just when we were feeling confident. Thankfully, the government acted quickly, and there are only two confirmed cases in Israel so far. Unfortunately, the government’s quick actions caused many people who had planned a trip to Israel for Chanukah to reschedule. Travel to Israel is restricted for the next two weeks, and mandatory quarantines for travelers are being enforced.

Iran is in the news again as it seems the world’s attempts to create a new nuclear deal are not producing any fruit. Unfortunately, it appears as if a conflict with Iran is inevitable.

Chanukah has been busy with kids on vacation throughout the week. Israelis flocked to national parks, Jerusalem, and activities. Groups are doing night tours to view the chanukiyas all over Jerusalem. There is a lot going on and it’s beautiful to see. We got a little bit of wet weather Wednesday morning but the rest of the week should be dry and pleasant.

Shabbat and Sunday is Rosh Chodesh Tevet so we wish you all a beautiful, warm, happy, and meaningful Chanukah and a Chodesh Tov, and great month ahead.

As always, I hope to make you smile with some articles and nuggets from the past week.

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COVID: First signs that vaccine protects against Omicron – health minister

So far, Israel has registered four cases infected with the new variant, while general morbidity remains low.

OECD raises Israel’s economic growth forecast

According to the OECD report published today, Israel’s GDP growth will be 6.3% in 2021, up from 5% in its last forecast.

Tel Aviv ranked world’s most expensive city, overtaking Paris

White City climbs five rungs to the top spot, for the first time, in Economist ranking — due to strength of shekel, increased cost of transportation and groceries

PM, Gantz light Hanukkah candles as Western Wall events honor terror victim Eli Kay

Western Wall Heritage Foundation says candle-lighting is in memory of Kay, who was fatally shot last week on his way to work as a tour guide at the site

Recipe of the Week: Moroccan Donuts (Sfinj)

Sufganiyot are king, but Sfinj isn’t so far behind, especially when it comes to homemade. Sfinj is a Moroccon fried dough covered with sugar. It’s relatively easy, and the finished product isn’t supposed to look like anything in particular. Enjoy!


Smiles of the Week

Happy Birthdays

Zahava Greenberg

Yossi Newman

Daniel Papilsky

Abby Dennis

Meira Soffer

Agustã­n Osatinsky

Binyomin Rosner

Sharon Insall

Dara Adler

Miss and Love You

Kegan Doyle

Joseph And Benjamin Gettenberg

Adina, Saul And Tehila Malka Brodsky

Thank You

Benny Feifel

Mazal Tov

Zicie & Uncle Yaakov Maltz


Linka Schwartz

Noam Soreni

Happy Chanukah

Amber Czinn

Hadassah, Benjy And Fam Weber

Ayelet Kurz

Sophie Bitran

Simone Dandy

Daniel North

Ilan Weiss

Aiden Sausen

Faya Gittel Sugar/Zuker/

Yossi And Rochel Kenigsberg

Elan Agus

Nechama Meisner

Idan Kfir

The Oberlander Family

Aviva Keller

Sadie Rosenthal

Pnina Baumgarten

Malka Dina Roffman

Samantha Leder

Matisyahu Roffman

Dave And Rivka Walk

Family Shaviv

Family Gidon Shaviv

Sol Zehnwirth

Amos Adler

Aviva Tabarzia

Jessica Caminker, Guest Staying At

David Siesser

Yonah Tarzik

Miky Chakov

Henny Weiss

Moshe Glasser

Chaim Len

Julia And Leo Rubin

Jacob Rudin Luria

Moshe, Azar, Dov, Shain, Malky,Huda Berkowitz

Meira Zimble

Orit Lerech

Sophia Hoffman

Akiva Teichman

Family Orenbuch

Evan Sankar

Tziona Weiss

Michal Fedowitz

Zoe Nussbaum

Rav And Rebetzin Dani And Batya Zuckerman

Yonah Konar

Shira Schiller

Daniel Glick

Israeli Mermelstein’s

Boruch Itzkowitz

Moshe Dov Sheinkopf

Yonah Pretsfelder

Hershel Peiser

Elchanan Peer

Chashie Axelrod

Joseph Green

Ranata Goodman

Rivka And Shore

Samantha Agranoff

Sarah Sander

Basi Bernstein

Shua Myron

Noah Givner

Simmy Goldschmidt

Leo Juszkiewicz

Barbara Sofer

Hadassah Offices In Israel – Donors Dept. Attn: Gidon Melmed

Cutler Family

Talia Popel

The Beshansky Family Home

Joseph Singer

Shira Rubin

Maayan Abiri

David Rubin

Avi Mizrachi

Yosef Fruhman

Rabbi Rafi And Atara Eis

Daniel Ovadia

Maria Corona

David Paritzky

Abie Hersh

Leah Hersh

David Paritzky

Tziyona Gheb

Michal Fedowitz

Eliana Horvath

Nadine Damboritz

Chevy Newcomb

Chaim Glasser

Andie Stern

Sarah & Avram Hein

Gabriella Rosman

Chana Waintraub

Levi Langer

Samantha Wittenstein

Rebecca Lewyn

Chana Ora Lavi

Jeff & Shelly Allon

Abby Leibowitz

Niv Leibowitz

Jacob Lunon

Abigail Zimmerman

Shmuli Hanai

Amalya Knapp

Shirelle And Avigail Shaulian And Simhaee

Gavriella Jacobs

David Skadron

Odeliah Shitrit

Jeanne Schrem

Benjamin And Mindy Wurzburger

Chaya Radparvar

Neshama Fedowitz

Edan Bitas

Macie Feintuch

Aliza Rothberg

Gavi Weiner

Isaac Badner

Ruth Yudelson

Benny Levin

Faigy Nussbaum

Mitchell Levinson

Chanie Wenick

Zoe Bayewitz

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Isaac Levitt

Jessica Tiersky

Marom Malihi

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Edit Platovsky

Michal Shteiner

Ikey Betesh

Rabbi David Chanofsky

Gideon Bannett

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Etelleah Zeitlin

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