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Inflation, rising antisemitism, tumbling markets, and other bad news stories are easy to find. So, sit back and enjoy some good news.
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On Sunday night, we merited to celebrate the wedding of our daughter Elana to Shmuel Halperin. We thank you for all of the warm wishes of mazal tov that we received. Hodo la’hashem ki tov ki l’olam Chasdo. Praised is the Lord, for He is good, for His kindness is infinite.

Thank you to all who placed orders for Chanukah. As you can probably imagine, ensuring everything went smoothly while preparing for a wedding was a lot. 21 plus years of experience prepared us very well and we’re extremely proud that every order was delivered as it should. We feel very blessed to do our work, and thank you for enabling us.

Finally, thank you to all who contributed to our soldier’s campaign. See the pics above but feel free to check out the full gallery.

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As I’m writing this, the new government is being sworn in. A lot has been written about it, and I won’t elaborate. However, I hope the new government does a lot of good for Israel and the world. I dropped a link below if you’d like to read about it.

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and it feels like 70 degrees. We were fortunate to get our first significant weather system over the weekend, and we hope the wet weather will visit again soon.

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Even without a particularly wet winter, Israel finally achieved its ambitious goal of pumping desalinated seawater across the country to the Kinneret. On Tuesday, the project was inaugurated in a large ceremony. It’s the first time in the world that desalination is being used to replenish a lake. The Kinneret is one of the lowest bodies of water and the only freshwater lake in Israel. The project cost about 1B Shekel, around $285M to build, but it adds a level of water security we’ve never seen before. #shehechiyanu

Israelis flocked to the shores of Ashkelon on Tuesday night through Wednesday because nine containers fell off a docked boat earlier in the week because of the stormy weather. The contents of those containers started showing up on the beaches, and people flocked there to collect the goods. Much of it was plastic cups and other goods, and some people jumped into the cold water to find more or better stuff. #cantmakethisup

The security establishment announced that they arrested the terrorist responsible for the bombings that took the lives of 16-year-old Aryeh Shechopek and 50-year-old Tadasa Tashume. The terrorist was without a prior criminal record and acted alone. It’s comforting because it wasn’t a well-coordinated attack that slipped through security. We can now sleep a little easier, and it should provide a degree of comfort to the families of the deceased and injured.

Finally, the Pool of Siloam, the 3000-year-old reservoir that likely enabled Jerusalem’s growth in Biblical times, will be excavated in the coming months. The Israel Antiquities Authority, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, and the City of David Foundation, made the joint announcement on Tuesday. The news was criticized by left-wing groups claiming that Israel is trying to expand control over politically sensitive parts of Jerusalem.


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Shipping containers wash up in Ashkelon, thousands fight to claim the contents

Stormy weather throughout the country caused nine shipping containers to drift from their ship which was docked near the breakwater in the city, three of which later washed up to the shore.

Knesset set to tap Amir Ohana as speaker, followed by government swearing-in

With many hundreds protesting outside against new hardline Netanyahu government, the 31 ministers and 4 deputy ministers of Israel’s 37th government are set to take office

Pioneering plan inaugurated to top up Sea of Galilee with desalinated water

In world first, water produced from the sea will be pumped into Israel’s largest freshwater lake to maintain levels even in parched years

Israel’s security forces announce arrest of Jerusalem bombing suspect

Islam Faroh, a 26-year-old east Jerusalem resident, was found to be a lone attacker driven by Islamic State ideology; with no criminal record and a degree in mechanical engineering, the terrorist could strategically plan out the deadly attack undetected

Recipe Of The Week: Israeli Salad

With Chanukah behind us lets try to eat a little healthier. Salad is a staple of every Israeli meal. Get yourself some good vegetables and enjoy.

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