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Another week has passed, and we’ve officially arrived at Shabbat Hagadol! Shabbat Hagadol, the Great Shabbat, is the Shabbat preceding Pesach. This year Pesach is a whole week after Shabbat, so the usual Shabbat hagadol fears are tempered. With that said, if you’d like to order a basket or treat for a loved one in Israel, the last chance to order is Saturday night for orders outside of Jerusalem. You have a little longer for orders in Jerusalem, but why wait? Place your order today!

Meet Mr. Leonid Shyfrin. He and Mrs. Shyfrin recently escaped the war in Ukraine, and arrived safely in Israel. On Tuesday, we were delighted to be able to deliver a gift basket from his daughter in the US. He’s been through a lot but you should have seen the smile. Happy Birthday Leonid and Welcome home. ❤

The government got shaken up on Wednesday morning when Idit Silman jumped ship from the coalition and joined the Likud. I’m not sure how that all works, but the government was on very shaky ground. This move might lead to the crumbling of the current government. #getyourpopcorn

One of the biggest Venture Capital firms globally, General Atlantic, with over 34 Billion dollars in assets, has set up offices in Tel Aviv. They might be looking to take on a more significant role in the Israeli tech ecosystem. #welcome

In other fintech news, Intel, a long-time investor in Israeli tech, added to its total investment when it bought Granulate, a cloud solution company, for $650m.

Israel moved up in the world happiness index from 12th place to 9th. Not too shabby for a country threatened with annihilation. Israel has been on a roll of sorts, with the Abraham Accords, the successful handling of Covid19, and the rise of the Unicorn nation with so many companies achieving Billion-dollar valuations all happening in the last few years. Still, the optimism and family-centric nature of society fuel happiness. Read the full story below.

Finally, a second Israeli will be heading to space when Eytan Stibbe takes off for the International Space Station from Cape Canaveral. He’s slated to take off tomorrow for a 10 day mission about SpaceX’s Dragon 2. The mission has been delayed several times for a variety of reasons but hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly and without further delay.

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Israel government loses majority as religious lawmaker quits

JERUSALEM — A lawmaker quit Israel’s ruling coalition on Wednesday after a dispute over religious observance during the Passover holiday,

“We’re not coming to Israel because it’s hot or sexy, but because we look at it strategically,” says General Atlantic Co-President

Anton Levy, the Global Head of the massive VC’s technology sector, is bullish on Israeli tech as the firm opens its local office. “Hopefully Israel will be one of our best performing markets not just on capital deployed, but on returns and quality of company,” he told Calcalist in an exclusive interview

Israeli astronaut awaits launch for 10-day stay at International Space Station

Stibbe is slated to take off from Cape Canaveral in a SpaceX spaceship dubbed ‘Dragon 2’ for a mission on the International Space Station; ‘For me what is important is not my personal journey, but the mission itself,’ he says

Why Israelis are so happy, and how we can all feel happier

From practical apps like Happy Things, to scientific measures of happiness, to public policy priorities, there’s a new focus on feeling good.

Intel buys Israeli cloud optimization co Granulate

Intel has not disclosed financial details of the deal, but the price is estimated at some $650 million

Recipe of the Week: KLP Yapchik

I’m thinking about Pesach recipes, and it occurred to me that Yapchik, a grain-free hybrid between potato kugel and cholent, can be made for Pesach and one better can be made for shabbat hagadol!

So the recipe I found calls for a crockpot, which we don’t have pesachdik one, but I found in blogs that it can be made on a stovetop and transferred to the plata. I’m willing to try it. Let me know you do the same.


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