Welcome back to Gilis Good Newsletter #9

It’s been a week.  Depending on where you fit on the political spectrum, you may be really angry or happy or somewhere in between.  When people used to chant 

הו הא מי זה בא, ראש הממשלה הבא, to paraphrase, whose is coming, the next Prime Minister, for Naftali Bennett, they never imagined it would be for a government that looks like this.

The aftermath of the Gaza Mini War, AKA Operation Guardian of the Walls, is that we’re trying to get back the bodies of our soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul. 

Leah Goldin was on the latest episode of Behind the Bima to discuss those efforts.

We’ll touch on those stories and try to find a few more to make you smile.

Shabbat Shalom

Lapid tells Rivlin: I have succeeded in forming coalition with Bennett

Bennett, Abbas finalize coalition deal * New governing coalition has been formed and is prepared to replace Netanyahu

Me’ohr Bais Yaakov Parents Buy Gifts for the School Staff

Me’ohr Bais Yaakov parents got organized to buy end-of-the-year gift packages from Gilis Goodies.  

Gaza Aftermath

UNRWA Chief Gets into Trouble Saying Israel Stuck Gaza very precisely. Flees Gaza.

Nice Story

A Jew, an Arab, and a lost white horse

Israel – Corona News

Israel Celebrates End of Most Pandemic rules


Fires Sink Iran’s Largest Warship and Ravage Big Refinery

Pics of the week

Happy Birthday

Yoseph & Nava Silverman

Josh Birnbaum

Shayna Sarah Kovler

Rivky Green

Helen Sharabi

Itamar Basalel

David Amor

Jake Bareket

Monica Kleyman

Sam Morgan

Adam Golan

Shuli Grauman

Love You/Miss You

Ruth Yudelson

Refuah Shelaima

Shaya Postelnik


Diti, Noa and Yael Snir Family

Michal Inbal

Yaniv Segal

Mazal Tov

Rabbanit Channah Hashkes

Yoseph & Nava Silverman

Thank You

Dr. Binyamin Aronoff

Miriam and Gad Meron

Naomi and Oren Gefen

Gabi Grabin