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It’s Independence Day! Gili’s Good Newsletter #2

Gili’s Good Newsletter #2 Israel Celebrates 73 Years of Independence Hope is in the air and it seems that Coronavirus is mostly a thing of the past. Israel now boasts a population of 9.327 Million people including 6.894 Million Jews. Enjoy 73 fun facts about Israel at 73. Read More The Incredible Photography of Noam Chen Noam Chen has been taking breathtaking photos of Israel and has amassed a ridiculous… Read More »It’s Independence Day! Gili’s Good Newsletter #2

Gili’s Good Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1 Israel Tries to Find the New Normal As the numbers continue to fall Israel is trying to figure out how to get back to a new normal without jeopardizing it. Read More Israel Remembers the Holocaust Public life stops during 2 minutes of silence dedicated to memory of 6 million Jews killed, as daytime ceremonies honoring those persecuted by the Nazi regime get underway… Read More Israel is… Read More »Gili’s Good Newsletter #1