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Inflation, rising antisemitism, tumbling markets, and other bad news stories are easy to find. So, sit back and enjoy some good news.

The new government is hard at work, much to the chagrin of its opponents. So far, they’re working to rein in the high courts, trying to ease inflation, and many other things that the media ignore. But one of the first moves of the new Finance Minister, Betzalel Smotrich, was to finally release payments to terror victims that they won in court long ago.

Shurat Hadin, a law office that fights terrorism by prosecuting supporters of terror in the US, won the money in victories over the Palestinian Authority in US Court. In total, they had won ~ $39M from the PA for its role in supporting terrorism. However, the PA never paid, and Smotrich took money out of PA taxes that Israel had collected and transferred it to the victims of terrorism.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Borat’s reappearance at the Kennedy Center Awards ceremony, and it went up on YouTube this week. Sasha Baron Cohen did a great job, and it’s worth a look. Enjoy.

The new government announced a plan to cancel or roll back recent hikes in property taxes, water, and energy on Wednesday. In a televised press conference, PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Smotrich explained their new plan and ongoing efforts to ease the burden on Israeli families, adding that they can’t wait for budget discussions. I’m not sure how they’re doing this, but I’m all for it.

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President Issac Herzog addressed around 100 young Jewish men and women, selected from over eleven countries, for an experience in Israel. The participants are wrapping up their trip, and soon they’ll return to become Jewish leaders in their respective communities. Speaking to the students, Herzog encouraged them, saying, “You are the future leaders of the Jewish people.

I urge you to be more involved, more curious, in the great story of what it means to be Jewish. We are a small nation, 15 million people, in a sea of 8 billion people in the world. We have an incredible story to tell, a great history, and a bright future …
This is an experience that will accompany you for the rest of your life. I have met with people who had the same experience 20, 30, or 40 years ago and have since changed the world and transformed Israel as a leading country.

Netflix is trying to lure Israelis back to the platform after many canceled in protest to their addition of a Jordanian film, Farha, that portrayed Israeli soldiers as ruthless killers. The Israeli-made films that have been added to Netflix include “Fill the Void”, “The Band’s Visit”, “The Wedding Plan”, “Hunting Elephants”, and “Late Marriage.”

The UAE is the first Arab county to include Holocaust studies in it’s school curriculum. Think about that. Yimot hamashiach.

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Israel moves ahead with transfer of PA funds to terror victims

“There is no greater justice than offsetting the funds of the Authority, that acts to support terrorism, and transferring them to the families of the victims of terrorism,” says Israeli finance minister.

Government to trim taxes, energy costs to fight inflation

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, speaking alongside Netanyahu at a televised news conference, said the government would maintain fiscal responsibility while pursuing the plan.

Speaking to Masa fellows, Herzog urges ‘curiosity of what it means to be Jewish’

Having acquired practical tools from the world of adaptive leadership in Israel, around 100 fellows will travel back home to volunteer in their respective Jewish communities.

Is Netflix trying to make up for streaming anti-Israel film with special gesture?

The streaming giant adds an unusually high number of Israeli-made films, perhaps in an effort to lure back customers after hundreds canceled subscriptions over a Jordanian film that portrays Israeli soldiers as murderers.

United Arab Emirates says it will teach Holocaust in schools

The United Arab Emirates will begin teaching about the Holocaust in history classes in primary and secondary schools across the country, the country’s embassy in the United States said.

Recipe Of The Week: Sahlab (Sachlav)

Sahlab aka sachlav is a favorite cold weather drink in Israel. As soon as the air begins to turn crisp you can find it petty much anywhere.

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