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Inflation, rising antisemitism, tumbling markets, and other bad news stories are easy to find. So, sit back and enjoy some good news.

Israeli Scientists have published a paper about their success in preventing secondary cancer in mice. They created a peptide or chain of proteins that block cancer from reaching the blood, where it can then travel to other internal organs and proliferate. Cancer does this through feet-like structures that enable it to attach itself to other organs. It uses proteins to create feet-like structures in a process known as invadopodia. The treatment tries to break that process and prevent secondary cancers from forming. #promising

The big news of the day is Arye Deri’s pending resignation or dismissal from his ministerial position after the high court voted overwhelmingly that he couldn’t be a minister. The issue at play is that he was convicted of tax evasion and, in a plea bargain, seemed to indicate that he would step away from public life. In a public hearing, Deri’s team tried to convince the judges that he never meant that and that there was a misunderstanding. Now it’s unclear how this will play out, but most people doubt that he will step out of public life. So get your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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Meet Emily Austin, Social Media influencer, Sports reporter, and Pro-Israel Advocate. She’s the daughter of Israeli Expats and a student at Hofstra. Still, she’s making things happen and is now an intern at the Israeli Mission to the UN. In an interview, she explained how she got the Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat to make a Holocaust memorial night during a game. Not bad at all for a 21-year-old. If you want to learn more about her, check out the link below.

We rarely get an honest view of what’s happening in Gaza. And when I say ‘We,’ I mean the entire world. Hamas keeps a very tight lid on what information gets out. So it’s refreshing to see a series of animated clips called Whispered in Gaza, which recorded residents talking about their everyday frustrations living under Hamas rule. The series was put together by The Center for Peace Communications and was released in Arabic and French. From a brief look at the channel, these videos aren’t yet going viral, but at least one video with an Arab title from the same series published had reached 44k views in just 3 days.

Finally, Prince Harry’s recent book Spare has become a bestseller overnight. There are some engaging Jewish lessons we can glean from it. I have no intention of reading the book. Still, I appreciated the article below, where you can read about 5 Jewish Takeaways from the book.

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Israeli scientists say substance prevents cancer’s spread in mice with 90% success

On warpath against secondary tumors, scientists believe they’ve found a way to stop cancer cells from entering blood, moving around the body; but solution not yet in medicine form

Deri said likely to resign or be fired as minister while looking to bypass top court

TV says Shas chief, ultra-Orthodox party’s rabbinical leaders and Netanyahu believe they must honor ruling disqualifying him from cabinet; far-right minister urges: Defy decision

Why an intern at Israel’s Mission to the UN judged this week’s Miss Universe pageant

At 21, social media star Emily Austin served as a judge at the annual beauty pageant, in between sports reporting gigs and an internship with Gilad Erdan’s team in New York

What’s life like under Hamas? ‘Whispered in Gaza’ offers unique, courageous testimony

In an unprecedented series of animated videos, drawn from interviews carried out by the NY-based Center for Peace Communications, ordinary Gazans tell heartwrenching stories

5 Jewish Takeaways from Prince Harry’s Memoir

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is painful to read; on virtually every page, he describes a life filled with psychic pain.

Recipe Of The Week: Zahav’s Hummus Tehina

The last week has been delightful weather, with daily averages in the 60s and plenty of bright sunshine. So we won’t need a sachlav. Hummus is incredibly popular throughout the world. Fresh hot Hummus is fantastic, and there are hummus restaurants that only sell humus and pita all over the country. So next time you are in Israel, I encourage you to try it. Anyway, this is my favorite recipe for Hummus. What’s yours?

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