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A good summer to you. The traditional post-Shavuot greeting is Kayitz Tov or Kayitz Baree for a good and healthy summer. The weather is summery, with sweltering temperatures expected through the Shabbat.

Yeshiva and Seminary students are already heading back to their parents and families worldwide. So it’s the perfect time to send end-of-the-year gifts to the staff members at those yeshivas and seminaries. Last year, a mother of a student at Meohr organized an order for the staff from 15 parents. You can’t imagine the joy it sparks and the feelings of appreciation it conveys. Order Now.

In other news, this was a tough week for the coalition. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it seems like a sinking ship. Check out the op-ed from Times of Israel Editor David Horovitz. That should help demystify what’s happening.

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper was on Stephen Colbert’s late show earlier this week and went viral speaking about his Seder in a Box that he enjoyed when in Ukraine over Pesach. Check it out.


Israel lost a cultural icon this week when Uri Zohar passed away at age 86. Uri’s story is an incredible one. Growing up on a Kibbutz with zero Jewish education, he became one of Israel’s biggest celebrities. He starred in and directed at least 30 films and dozens of television programs. Then, suddenly, at the height of his celebrity, he walked away from it all to learn Torah full time and become a Baal Teshuva. I recommend you listen to the meaningful podcast interview with Uri and read the obituary I included below. #yehizichrobaruch

Last week, I asked you all to send in your cheesecake recipes, and we received one. Thank you to Mary Hartigan from Columbia, MO, for sharing your best cheesecake, Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, send it in.

Finally, Iran got in some trouble with the UN’s IAEA when they censured Iran over it’s nuclear program. It’s the first such motion and it doesn’t have any teeth to it but it’s better than nothing i guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Iran: ‘Unconstructive’ IAEA resolution based on ‘false Zionist’ information

Statement says censure by UN atomic agency will only weaken Islamic Republic’s cooperation on nuclear program

Rabbi Uri Zohar journeyed from brazen celeb to sincere seeker — and invited the entire country to join the ride

A few hours after we left the tiny machsan on Rechov Zichron Yaakov that Rabbi Uri Zohar had called home for the last decade, we got a phone call.

On the line was Uri Zohar himself.

Israel reportedly brushes off US proposal for summit with Palestinian Authority

Israeli official said to have responded that past experiences prove such meetings lead to ‘crisis of expectations,’ subsequent escalation of violence

In major blow to coalition, two of its MKs help defeat vital West Bank legal bill

Ra’am’s Ghanaim and Rinawie Zoabi of Meretz vote against measure renewing application of Israeli law to settlers, joining opposition MKs who are shooting down all gov’t legislation

Netanyahu and the right are about to regain power; they’ll hold it for a long time

The final blow to the coalition could come from many directions, but come it will. And Israel will get a gov’t of the ideological hue most of the electorate voted for a year ago

Recipe of the Week: State Fair Lemonade

Chef John is one of my favorite Youtube chefs. Last night I watched his video for State Fair Lemonade, and now I got to try it. Do you have a summer drink you want to share? Send it.


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