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Inflation, rising antisemitism, tumbling markets, and other bad news stories are easy to find. So, sit back and enjoy some good news.
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Mazal tov to David and Gili Ehrlich on the upcoming marriage of their daughter Elana to Shmuel Halperin on Sunday night!

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While visiting their kids in Israel two weeks ago, tragedy struck the Eisenmann family from Hollywood, Florida.

Their 10-year-old son, Yehuda Aryeh, was seriously injured in a bus accident.

Marc Eisenmann, his father, jumped on a plane to get to Israel as soon as possible. Vivienne Eisenman, the boy’s grandmother, did the next best thing. She called Gili’s Goodies to send a basket of goodies to her grandson in the ICU.

It arrived the following day!

It was indeed a Chanukah miracle that a week later, Yehuda Aryeh was released from the hospital and visited the Kotel to say Birkat Hagomel, the blessing of Thanksgiving, with their close family friend, Yisroel Ehrman.

We are so fortunate to have been able to have a part of this Chanukah miracle!!

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The Washington Wizards’ Israeli Twitter feed posted a video of their star Israeli forward, Deni Avdija, lighting a menorah on the first night of Chanukah this past Sunday.

It took seven weeks, but PM Elect Netanyahu called President Herzog on Wednesday night to inform him that he’s put together a coalition government. He’ll now need to tell the speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin, who will announce the development during Monday’s legislative session. We hope this government will strengthen Israel and help it grow and prosper in peace and tranquility.

We’ve been covering a lot of archeology, and it keeps coming. The biggest news has been coming out slowly. Anyway, five tablets have been discovered with lots of inscriptions has finally been deciphered. The first tablet was discovered in 1880 in the tunnel and transferred to Istanbul. They more recently found a tablet on a wall at the entrance to the tunnel. It had been eroded over time, but they recently realized that the letters could be restored. So what does it say? Check out the article below and read the whole thing!

Our favorite Ukrainian leader was in Washington this week, which sparked President Biden to make some remarks about Chanukah heroism. He was quoted saying, “a time when Jewish people around the world, President Zelensky and many families among them, honor the timeless miracle of a small band of warriors fighting for the values and their freedom against a much larger foe and how they endured and how they overcame.”

Unilever settled its lawsuit with Ben and Jerry’s board and their parent company, the consumer conglomerate Unilever. It was seen as a big win for pro-Israel groups that put a lot of pressure on Unilever to block B&J’s move to stop Ben and Jerry’s sales in Israel because it’s also sold in the West Bank. It was also seen as a big loss for the BDS movement, which has been trying to influence the conflict through financial pressure.

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‘I’ve done it’: Netanyahu announces his 6th government, Israel’s most hardline ever

7 weeks after elections and minutes before deadline, Likud head tells president he’s mustered a majority; he has yet to finalize coalition deals with any of his partners

Proof of biblical kings of Israel, Judah deciphered on Jerusalem rock inscriptions

Detailed inscriptions of 8th-century BCE Judean King Hezekiah discovered in ‘monumental’ archaeological discovery.

Meeting Zelensky, Biden likens Ukraine’s fight against Russia to Hanukkah story

At White House press conference, US president says message of Jewish holiday is ‘that light will always prevail over darkness’

Unilever settles dispute with Ben & Jerry’s over Israeli sales

“I am pleased that the litigation between Unilever and the independent board of Ben & Jerry’s has been resolved,” Israeli licensee says.

Recipe Of The Week: Sufganiyot

(Israeli Donuts)

I made the liver last week and my wife didn’t love it. It’s chanukah week. Fry fry fry. So what will you be making? I’ll share my famous better-than-krispy kream doughnut recipe. It’s absolutely incredible and tastes like a crispy cream donut.
Chanukah Sameach!

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