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Shay Halevy, Israel Antiquities Authority

An ancient papyrus with writing in ancient Hebrew from the period of the first Beit Hamikdash was returned to Israel from Montana. In a story that sounds like a script for a movie, Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority, IAA, tracked the papyrus to an American volunteer who came to Israel in the 60s and ultimately to her son living in Montana. He kindly donated to the Antiquities authority. What does it say? It’s an order sent to someone named Yishmael. Send X, Y, and Z, but don’t send any A. Read the incredible story in the link below. #indianajones

For the most part, Covid is something we speak of in past tense. Unfortunately, many people that survived Covid still live with the effects of the virus. An Israeli study that gives everyone another good reason to take a vaccine just came out. The study found that all ten of the most common long COVID symptoms were reduced by at least 50 percent among people who had at least two vaccine shots, the peer-reviewed study found. The reduction in shortness of breath, for example, was reduced by 80%. #getvaccinated

Last week, the IDF came out saying there is a strong possibility that Shiran Abu Akleh was killed by the IDF when they attempted to arrest terrorists, resulting in a heavy firefight with terrorists in Jenin. So the US asked the IDF to change its rules of engagement. We didn’t react kindly to the suggestion. Lapid, Gantz, and former PM Bennet all expressed outrage that the US was suggesting there was something that could have prevented the tragedy. The IDF is the most moral army in the world and does more to protect civilians than any other country would. #stayinyourlane

Finally, a father and son were reunited after it was feared the 75-year-old drowned. Michael Love had gone swimming off Amigos beach in Northern Israel when he was pulled out to sea by the current. His wife called their son, Lev, around 11:30 pm that Michael hadn’t returned from his routine swim. Lev ran to the beach and saw his father’s things, but Michael was nowhere to be seen. He immediately called the police. The police and marine police started a search and at 7:00 am, Lev got a call that his father was alive and well. Miraculously the police found him floating in Haifa Bay about a kilometer from the shore. He knew he couldn’t fight the current, so he floated and tried his best to stay in good spirits. When the police found him, he didn’t require medical attention. #happyendings

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Ingathering of the exiles? Extremely rare First Temple-era papyrus repatriated

2,700-year-old inscribed papyrus, a letter to ‘Ishmael’ written in early Hebrew script, joins only two others from biblical times. But that’s just the beginning of the story

Israeli study: Vaccines slash long COVID cases, with 80% drop in shortness of breath

Peer-reviewed finding is ‘the cherry on top’ for vaccines, which have already been shown to reduce infection and lower seriousness of illness, says researcher

Israeli senior rescued unscathed after spending 12 hours lost at sea

Michael Ioffe, 75, had gone for a swim in Kiryat Yam when he was swept out by the current and couldn’t swim back to shore; his son Lev feared he’d never get to see his father again, but then he received a call saying he was found alive and well

Rebuffing US, Lapid and Gantz say ‘no one will dictate’ IDF’s open-fire regulations

Bennett tells US envoy American intervention in matter ‘unacceptable,’ after Washington called to review policies in wake of accidental shooting of reporter

Recipe of the Week: Quick pickles

Why are pickles Jewish? Find out in this article from Torrey Avey. If you’d like to try making your own pickles, check out this recipe from the same author.


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