Gili’s Goodies has been operating since 2001 and by far the busiest time of year is Purim, where the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot takes center stage. Starting back in their small home kitchen in Efrat, Gail whipped up batch after batch to produce enough cookies to fill the orders and send mishloach manot to loved ones all over the country.  As the business grew, the kitchen did too, and thousands of baskets later, the love to deliver ‘warm hugs’ burns as bright as ever.


Not only are mishloach manot going to our customers’ friends and relatives.  Through partnering with the Michael Levin Base, Gili’s Goodies has been fortunate enough to deliver mishloach manot to thousands of IDF Soldiers on bases throughout the country. These soldiers are on the front lines in the rain and cold, and when Purim comes around, we want to make sure they feel part of the celebrations they are working so hard to protect. 

So when considering where to order mishloach manot, know that when you order from Gili’s Goodies, you’re guaranteed to receive excellent five-star service. We’ve been doing it since 2001, and it shows.