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Yom Ha’atzmaut came and went in a hurry. It was great, but complex realities came back to remind us that while we have so much to be thankful for in 2022, we’re still fighting for our survival.

I’m not going to go into details, but it was a tough week to find good news.


Recapping Independence day, it was a beautiful day. Israelis flocked to barbecues with friends and family while the air force flew its planes around the country for everyone to marvel at. The weather was perfect for all those activities and a great day was enjoyed by all.

Jerusalem city planners are discussing the building of what would be the tallest building in Jerusalem. Slated to be a 40-story tower, developers are working to find a design that won’t be an eyesore for Jerusalemites. Speaking of eyesores, an iconic building in the center of Jerusalem is slated for demolition.


The seven-story building sits on the corner of Agron and King George and is adjacent to the Leonardo Plaza hotel. It houses a Shufersal on the ground floor, which earned it the ‘Shufersal building’ nickname. The building has been in the planning stages to demolish it since 2011, and it seems that the final plans have been approved. A 30-story residential tower with luxury apartments will be replacing it to integrate the Jerusalem aesthetic better.

The EU is doing something nice for Israel. EIT Hub Israel, a branch of the EU’s innovation and tech arm, will work with six Israeli startups. Choosing from 70 applicants, the organization selected 13 companies, six from Israel and seven from Europe and the UK. The chosen companies will participate in its scale-up program, Calling2Scale. #startupnation

Finally, Israel will be taking part in the world’s longest non-stop relay race from November 1st to 4th as part of a Climate change initiative starting in Glasgow, Scotland, and finishing in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the COP27 climate change conference. The baton will arrive at Rosh Hanikra in northern Israel and will be passed along 52 runners doing ~10km sprints. It’ll be given to a Jordanian on the fourth as it makes its way to Egypt.

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Jerusalem eyes its own Burj Khalifa as Israeli cities seek new heights

Architects are planning supertall buildings to dominate the skylines of tomorrow

Jerusalem’s ‘ugliest building’ slated for demolition to make way for luxury tower

Modernist eyesore from 1960s, a city landmark on King George Street, to be taken down later this year; 30-story residential building to be built on site

EU-Israel innovation hub taps 13 startups for growth program

EIT Hub Israel, a branch of the EU’s innovation and tech arm, will work with 6 Israeli startups and 7 European and UK-based outfits over 3 months

Israel to take part in world’s longest non-stop relay to highlight climate change

‘Running out of Time’ participants can register for 10km slots along 7,200 km route, from Glasgow, Scotland to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where UN COP27 climate confab will be held

Recipe of the Week: Arayes

Arayes, are Lebanese easy, delicious, and kid-friendly spiced meat sandwiches that are grilled and served best with tehina and Israeli salad. Enjoy!


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