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Another week and we’ve arrived at Shavuot. Last Sunday, we celebrated Jerusalem Day. A sentiment I certainly felt and saw expressed somewhere is that in past years Jerusalem day was a sectorial holiday, primarily and almost exclusively celebrated by the national religious. Still, perhaps due to the Arab response to Jerusalem Day it’s become sort of a national holiday.

One just needs to put oneself in the head of anyone here in 1967 to feel the genuine fear that was palpable and the dramatic turnaround that we were able to defeat the invading armies and triple the size of the territory under Jewish control. It’s reminiscent of the splitting of the sea. So as we celebrate that miracle, it’s beautiful that recognizing the miracles of 67 is something that all Israelis should be conscious of and celebrate at least once a year.

Unfortunately, there were some fringe elements that the media loved to write about, but the overall mood was joy, celebration, and thanks to the almighty for these miracles.

Shavuot falls out on Motzai Shabbat, and if you’re looking for a great cheesecake recipe, I’ll share my go-to recipe below with some tips that I use to make it come out perfectly every year. Also, we all have fewer excuses not to stay up learning, with Shabbat allowing us to rest up. #ChagSameach

Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a historic Free Trade Agreement. These agreements typically take five years or so to come to fruition. So at the behest of UAE President Mohamed Bin Zayed, this agreement came together in a few weeks. This opens up tremendous opportunities for both countries to trade, and it should bring down costs in Israel and make even more Israeli products available in the UAE. #peaceinourtime

Israel pushed back against Iranian FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, dismissing the spying allegations last week as “Zionist lies.” Showing documents in Persian, PM Naftali Bennett explained that Iran stole the UN Atomic Agencies documents so they knew in advance what they would be looking at and what questions they would ask. They built a playbook of deception that the Mossad stole and was sharing with the world. #proxywar.

Finally, the new Obi-Wan movie is the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, introducing us to laser weapons like the death star. Israel is planning its version of the death star as PM Naftali Bennett spent Wednesday morning up north with Rafael weapons company discussing the laser defense system that he claimed will be a game-changer in our skirmishes with Hamas in Gaza as the system will be able to destroy incoming rockets with little to no cost to Israel. If you haven’t seen the demonstration of this technology, watch it now. It’s amazing. #realstarwars

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Estimated 70,000 Flag-Waving Israelis March to Western Wall on Jerusalem Day

An updated and estimated 70,000 flag-waving Israelis marched to the Western Wall on Jerusalem Day through the Old City, and at its peak, 20,000 people were at the Kotel at the same time.

Israel, UAE sign free trade deal, first with an Arab country

JERUSALEM — Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a free trade agreement on Tuesday, the first of its kind that Israel has concluded with an Arab country.

‘The proof’: PM publishes seized papers he says show Iran spied on UN nuke watchdog

Bennett rebuffs Iranian foreign minister’s claim that Tehran’s alleged IAEA spying operation is just ‘Zionist lies’; the documentary evidence ‘is here in my hands,’ he says

Touring laser air defense system under development, PM lauds ‘strategic tiebreaker’

Bennett says it will cost just $2 apiece for ‘Iron Beam’ to intercept targets, ‘impoverishing’ enemies who spend tens of thousands on rockets and drones

Recipe of the Week: Chantal’s New York Cheesecake

I make this recipe every year, and it’s delicious. I never deviate, but if you do, I’d love to hear what cheesecakes you are making. If you send in your recipe, I’ll send out the Gili’s Goodies Email of Cheesecake Recipes if we get at least five recipes. Anyway, a few tips:

  • Cook the cheesecake in a bain-marie or water bath. Make sure your springform pan is leakproof, but I like to put the pan in a disposable tin and pour water about halfway up the side.
  • When it’s finished, just let it slowly cool in the oven. I like doing this by making it late at night and leaving it in the oven overnight to cool.
  • Enjoy with coffee.
  • Chag Sameach!

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