Welcome back to Gilis Good Newsletter #5

We’re still reeling from the heartbreaking tragic death of 45 people celebrating Lag B’Omer in Meiron. Especially hard is the loss of one of our own Yeshiva boys and such a special boy that was Donny Morris OBM.

Like Rebbi Akiva, we’re starting again and looking to find a bright spot to shine a light on.

Here we go.

People are getting their permits and coming to Israel for Shavuot.

Yom Yerushalayim will be celebrated this Sunday night and Monday.

Cheesecake is available for purchase with delivery available in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

Below are a few videos that show just how united we can be in the face of tragedy.

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Israeli “Footballer” Refuses to Celebrate His Goal

Shon Weissman is an Israeli Soccer player for the Spanish club Real Valladolid. He scored a goal on Sunday, the national mourning day, and just watch what he does.


A Special Hug

Avigdor Chiyut lost his son Yedidya at the Meiron Disaster requested to meet the Druze officer, Rami Aluan, that saved his other son Shmuel from death in that horrible disaster. “Hakadosh Baruch Hu took one of my sons, but my second son you saved. I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart.”

-From IsrDruze-הדרוזים בישראל

Taxi Driver Stories

The taxi driver who lives across the road also lives next to a mosque.
He’s been on hajj to Mecca. Twice.
And he had a piece of gauze taped inside his arm, right across the vein.
“What happened?” I asked him when he picked me up earlier today.


Pics of the week

Happy Birthdays

Ruthie Lerer Abitbol

Yossi Picard

Elisheva Bellin

Avia Ofir

Michael Dunn

Josh Schoenberg

Gila Sack

Etan Flatow

Moshe Rose

Ariella Kaplan

Mason Quintero

Joshua Vaturi

Alexandra Scheman


Linda Tomer

Yael Bendahan

Yeshivat Sha’alvim

All the mourners of the 45.

Thank You

Rabbi Yisrael Feld

Miss You

Arielle Felsen

Hillel and Chaya Lester

Aliza Rothberg

Sorah Stoll

Anastassiya Savin

Samara Quintero

Rotem Elimelech

Jeremy Stadlin

Irit Marcipar

Shalom Orzach Talpiot

Mazal Tov

AB Thau


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