The baskets, as a whole, are not under the OU/Badatz Jerusalem supervision-
only the Gili’s Goodies baked goods contained in them

Baked Goods

  • Gili’s Goodies baked goods are  under the hechsher of the
    Badatz Rabbanut Jerusalem and the OU
  • All baked goods are pareve except when noted on the specific product
  • All dairy products are Chalav Yisrael and all flour is Yashan

Baskets and other products

  • All products used in in our baskets are mehadrin unless otherwise noted in the basket decription
  • Baskets may contain items that are NOT chalav Yisrael and that is noted on the basket description
  • All products in the Badatz section of the site are under hecherim of the Badatz Eida Chareidi, Rav Rubin, Rav Weissmandl(Nitra/Monsey) or the CRC
  • All USA baskets are under the hechsher of the RCBC(Rabinnical Council of Bergen County)