Gili’s Good Newsletter #3

Welcome back to Gilis Good Newsletter.  Every week we’re trying to find interesting and smile-inducing articles to brighten your weekend. Last week we celebrated Yom Haatzmaut and this was the most shared video on Whatsapp that day.  I hope you click and enjoy it.

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No More Masks Outside, and Kids are Back to School!

Faces are being seen everywhere again and the timing was fantastic with 100°+ days earlier this week. Also, all kids went back to full-time school for the first time this year!

Israeli, UAE fighter jets fly together in large international exercise in Greece

Air forces from eight countries take part in the drill, simulating airstrikes, dogfights and rescues over unfamiliar terrain

I saw more people smiling in 15 minutes than I saw in an entire year

With masks now off, I feel gratitude….big enough to contain the misery and the terror and the boredom and the loneliness of this past year

New Menu Items

There aren’t too many things more Israeli than a bowl of freshly prepared chummus and a few pitas to wipe it down. That’s the Israeli term for eating a bowl of chummus with nothing but a pita.

Happy Birthdays

Beth Yousefzadeh

Eli Behar

Ezra Klineman

Rachel Lasri

Harel Miler

Aviva Sterman

Eliyahu Brickman

Shira Borochov

Yehuda Berman

Thank You

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Jonathan Madoff

Yehoshua Martin

Mazal Tov

Moshe and Sarah Eagle on your Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Dr. Eisenberg


Jennifer Lankin

The Lifshutz Family

Good Luck

Ariella Kaplan

Lea Thomas

Yafit Cohen

Devin Rapaport

All participants in the Jewish

Academy of San Diego Program in Israel

Pics of the week

A Storybook ending


Jewish Academy of San Diego arrived in Israel last week and went straight to quarantine in Almog at the shores of the dead sea. They weren’t quite prepared for the Kibbutz cuisine and four parents sponsored an emergency reinforcement delivery from Gili’s Goodies.

Shabbat Shalom!