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We have an important announcement. Our daughter Elana is getting married on Sunday the 25th. That means we won’t fulfill any orders from Thursday the 22nd through Monday the 26th. We’ll return to work delivering your sweet hugs on Tuesday, the 27th. So, if you want someone to receive an order on Chanukah, make sure to order today!!

Thank you to all our customers that placed orders for Chanukah. We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure every order is beautiful and gets delivered on time.

The Antiquities Authority is releasing all kinds of interesting Chanuka-related artifacts in the buildup toward Chanukah. This week I read about a hoard of coins buried in a wooden box in a cave in the Judean desert during the time of the Revolt of the Chashmonaim. What’s interesting is that Sefer Hamaccabim mentions rebels that went to hide in the desert. They surmise that someone buried the box hoping to return and retrieve it later, and they likely died. What’s interesting is the coins in the box. The box contained 15 silver coins from the Maccabean period.

In other Numismatic news, a silver half-shekel coin was discovered near Har Habayit dated to the Great Revolt 66-70 CE. Many coins have been found in digs around the temple mount, but this specific coin is only the third one ever discovered and the first to be found in an excavation. Moreover, it was the last of the coins that had Shekel written on it. That was until 1980 when the bank of Israel issued the New Israeli Half Shekel.

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Every Chanukah, we partner with an organization known as Achi Achi, which delivers sufganiyot to IDF soldiers all over the country. It’s a beautiful initiative, as Chanukah is often cold and rainy. While everyone is going to parties and having fun, these soldiers stand on the front lines, protecting that right. So it’s even more special when we show up with fresh sufganiyot for our Chayalim. You can help support this initiative here.

Israel is taking part in a study testing a new drug to combat the effects of ALS. Toferson is injected into the spine like an epidural. Two Israeli ALS patients were some of the first to receive the drug. The drug was developed by Massachussets-based Biogen and isn’t suitable for all ALS patients since the disease has different causes. Only patients with the disease caused by a faulty SOD1 gene can benefit from the drug. Nevertheless, the treatment is potentially a game changer, and it’s exciting that Israel is doing its part to advance the medication.

Finally, a new museum had its inauguration this week. The Eli Cohen museum in Herzliya is a spy museum that shows the tactics used, focusing on the most famous Israeli spy. It was revealed at the inauguration the reason for his capture was that his messages were intercepted and triangulated. They also revealed details about his last report, which revolved around a discussion at the Syrian General Staff with the participation of then-president Amin-Al-Hafez. The document would be donated to the museum for display.

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2,200-year-old coins proving Hanukkah story of Maccabees found in Israel

The coins, dating back to the period leading up to the Maccabean revolt, were discovered in the Wadi Muraabat Caves in Nahal Darga.

Silver coins found near Temple Mount prove Jewish history of Israel

“This is the third coin of this type found in excavations in Jerusalem, and one of the few ever found in archeological excavations,” said the researchers.

‘New era of treatment’: Israelis among first to receive ‘game-changing’ ALS medicine

Tofersen, which is injected into the spine like an epidural, is giving new hope to two patients at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Mossad head reveals how Syria found Eli Cohen, discloses spy’s final message

Inaugurating museum named for legendary secret agent, Barnea says Cohen was caught because his cables were ‘intercepted and triangulated,’ not because he transmitted too frequently

Recipe Of The Week: Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts

I made the liver last week and my wife didn’t love it. It’s chanukah week. Fry fry fry. So what will you be making? I’ll share my famous better-than-krispy kream doughnut recipe. It’s absolutely incredible and tastes like a crispy cream donut.
Chanukah Sameach!

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