Welcome back to Gilis Good Newsletter #12


After a ton of screaming and yelling, there is a new government in Israel. 

Is that good?  Time will tell. 

While hecklers were heckling Bennett during his inaugural address, his kids were busy in the balcony sending love. 


Netanyahu was thanked many times by Bennett for all he has done for the country. Only the one above knows if that was his last dance as prime minister, but either way, we’re all indebted to Bibi for doing so much for the country. We’ll only find out more and realize how amazing he was in the years to come.

The march went on. The flag march did happen yesterday largely without incident. The main incidents were balloons from Gaza. The kind that explode. In response, the IDF launched a bombing raid on Gaza. I think that was new PM Bennett’s way of saying. We’re not going to tolerate anything.



We’re officially not wearing masks! Whether inside or outside, we’re officially done with masks except for particular situations, like hospitals.

Picture for illustrative purposes only.

There is so much more to talk about but let’s get to the fun articles.

Wishing you all a gitten shabbos, and a Shabbat Shalom.

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Book Week is BACK!

The coronavirus crisis has had a detrimental effect on book publishing. Book week this year was extra special as it sorta marked the end of Corona.

Meet the First Lady, Galit Bennett

She grew up secular, yet married the observant Naftali Bennett at 22. She is a right-wing ideologue, but clashed with Sarah Netanyahu. Everything you need to know about the new PM’s wife.

Israel gets its first-ever deaf lawmaker

Yamina’s Shirley Pinto, a deaf social-political activist, set to take her place in Knesset after party’s ministers resign from the legislature as part of the Norwegian Law

Bennett’s New Government: 27 Ministers, Nine of Them Women

This Bennett-led coalition will end Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12 years in power as Israel’s longest-serving prime minister

Recipe of the Week: Shakshouka

Some like it hot, some not. It’s easy, gluten-free, vegetarian, and popular in Israel. Even though it’s GF, it’s best eaten with plenty of gluten.


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