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That picture has to put a smile on your face. The picture came from a LinkedIn post from Nathan Castiel, CEO of Tailor Made-Birthright Israel.  Two months ago, he didn’t know if there would be summer programs, and now there are over 25 Birthright trips alone!  Welcome back!! 🙌

One Mom reached out to us to deliver a large order of pizza and sushi to he daughter and he friends that arrived with USY.  Pics below, but that kid sure got popular in a hurry…way to go, Mom.

Unfortunately, we have to keep talking about the pandemic because the numbers keep rising, as daily cases top 500 and the number of seriously ill slowly climbs.  

The grandson of the first Chief Rabbi, Issac HaLevi Herzog, Issac Herzog is now the President of Israel. 

The government had an up and down week.

As always, I tried to find some articles and nuggets from the week to make you smile.  I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t like something, just let me know. 

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Shabbat Shalom and a Gitten Shabbos.

Herzog takes office as Israel’s 11th president, warns of dangers of polarization

New president sworn in on same Bible as father 38 years ago; Rivlin: ‘Long live the eleventh president of the State of Israel. Long live the State of Israel’

Plant-covered buildings can tame summer heat, Israeli study finds

Bar-Ilan University researchers cover facades of 2 buildings in greenery and leave another bare in what they say is the first serious study of live plants’ climate-regulating benefits

Israel opens dazzling new Nanoscience and Art Museum

Who says science and art don’t mix? Bar-Ilan University opens unique -museum that aims to expose visitors to the vast research possibilities in the natural sciences.

Here’s your chance to both experience Israel in a powerful way and support Israeli tour guides during this challenging period. With over a dozen online, experiential tours scheduled over the course of the year – from November 2020 through August 2021 – you’ll visit Israel twice a month… without the jet-lag.

Lapid invites Moroccan foreign minister to Israel

Foreign Ministry director-general Alon Ushpiz delivers letter to Nasser Bourita, stressing importance of technological, economic ties

Recipe of the Week: Sabich

Felafel is its more well-known cousin, but Sabich is right there on the beloved Israeli sandwich list. Fried eggplant, salad, pickles, hard-boiled egg, tahini, and amba combine to make sabich a national favorite.


Pics of the week

Happy Birthdays

Fayga Tziporah Pinczower

Ethan Cohen

Meira Duftler

Maya Sterne

Oded Riptin

Shira Cooperman

Esther Wohl

Chaya Robinson

Chaya Kesselman

Susie Muller

Jess Greenstein

Sofia Feldman

Jessica Greenstein

Good Luck

Batzion Yomtov


Inna and Pesach Esman

Michale and Dalit Maoz

Miss and Love You

Dahlia Mcgarvey

Joseph Andron

Hailey Nudelman

Sienna Drew

Yocheved Zemel

Flora Tauber

Rotem Kalmar Aloni

Avi and Ilana Jacob

Simcha Uretsky

Avi Becker

Noah Goldstein

Sarah Goldberg

Simcha Kaplun

Ella Papadopulos

Thank You

Shani and Rabbi Url Lubetski

Get Well Soon

Yishai Jacob

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