Welcome back to Gilis Good Newsletter #7

Another complicated week.

It’s been another strange week.  While things have been quiet at least where I am, down south and not only they’ve spent the whole week in bomb shelters as the sirens have been wailing constantly.  A comforting thought is that Tzahal is really doing serious damage to Hamas on many fronts.  Let’s hope the result is a lasting return to peace and quiet.

Shavuot was this week and we thank all our wonderful customers that ordered for the chag.  We really hope everything was enjoyed.

So with that backdrop, we’ll try to find some sweet nuggets or at least meaningful nuggets.  Sweet is hard to find on weeks like this.

Here we go.

The iron dome has been amazing. From many bedroom windows, we were able to watch and hear in amazement and fear as the intercepters blew up the Hamas missiles.  It was reminiscent of star wars and then someone made this.

The electric company workers announced they won’t fix the electric lines to Gaza that were damaged by Hamas rockets until the Israeli captives are returned.

The first 15-year-olds got their covid vaccines.

We have a few more nuggets below.  I hope you check em out. 

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom. 

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God Bless the Iron Dome

It’s amazingly accurate, can work come rain or shine, and doesn’t require heavy muscle to operate.


Electric Company Union: We’re Not Fixing the Lines to Gaza

The works committee of Israel electricity company announced on Thursday that the technical staff will not repair the lines running into the Gaza Strip that were damaged by Hamas rockets until the Palestinian terrorists return the bodies of fallen soldiers held since 2014 and release two Israeli hostages.

Israels Eden Alene Advances to the Eurovision Final

Despite social media calls to boycott Israel, Alene’s ‘Set Me Free’ — complete with super-high ‘whistle note’ — wins place in Saturday’s song contest

Man Goes to Gaza to Propose

Yosef Haddad took his girlfriend to the Gaza Periphery to get down on one knee to make a loud statement. Hamas isn’t going to tell us how to live!

Couple Spends “Honeymoon” in Uniforms

This couple got married a few days before the war. Instead of spending their honeymoon somewhere else they suited up for battle. תנו כבוד!


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