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Our attention has been pulled from the war in Ukraine to the terrorist attacks in Israel. It’s been heartbreaking and impacting us all. However, as hard as it is, we’ll still make this the “good” newsletter and focus on the positives of the last week. We remind you that you can support United Hatzalah, to support all they are doing to assist refugees escaping the war and their ongoing efforts to be the first responders whenever there is a medical emergency in Israel.

Pesach is around the corner. Don’t freak out, but seder night is in two weeks. So, if you want to send a chag sameach with a kosher for Pesach gift basket to a friend or loved one in Israel, we have many new options for you to choose from.


The Jerusalem Marathon was last Friday, and though the weather was cold and wet, the organizers did an incredible job making sure the roads were cleared and prepared for the event. It felt as though everything in their control was handled well. A bonus came in that Valentyna Verestka, a Ukrainian athlete that escaped the war, won the women’s full marathon. #Congrats

Israel hosted the foreign ministries of Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, the UAE, and the US Secretary of State at the Negev Summit. The Summit was also announced to become a yearly event as they reaffirmed the importance of regional cooperation between Israel and the broader Middle East. What would Ben-Gurion have said? #YimotHamashiach?

St. Peter’s, a small college in New Jersey, saw its magical Cinderella run end with a loss to North Carolina in the Big Eight. It was the greatest underdog story in a long time, as no number 15 seed had ever made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. It’s an incredible story, and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Finally, The Ministry of Absorption and Immigration launched a website where it’s encouraging families to adopt a Ukrainian family for the seder. Interested families can volunteer to host a new immigrant family through an online form. Ma nishtana? For these immigrants, everything! Let’s give them a seder to remember. #beautifulInitiative

As always, I hope to make you smile with some articles and nuggets from the past week.

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Where are you for Seder? Website pairs Israeli hosts with new Ukrainian immigrants

Step is part of a government initiative to let citizens offer help to newcomers from former Soviet Union, though most offerings not yet functional

Ukrainian woman wins Jerusalem Marathon after fleeing her home country following Russian invasion

Valentyna Verestka finished first among the women in the race after fleeing the city of Mykolaiv with her 11-year old daughter

Israel’s Negev Summit wraps in unanimous condemnation of terror attack

Visiting ministers thank Lapid for summit, speak of the need to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace, condemn extremism and terror, decide to make the event an annual affair

An Ode to Saint Peter’s

While it will be a Final Four of proper bluebloods, we won’t forget the No. 15 seed that shocked the nation along the way.


This kosher recipe for the 5 Ingredient Strawberry Spinach Salad is one of our favorites to make for Shabbat or Yom Tov.


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