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About Us

Gili's Goodies delivers sweet

hugs and smiles across the ocean!

Gili’s Goodies was founded by Gail and David Ehrlich, immigrants from New York, in their home in Efrat, Israel 2001.

Starting from their home kitchen with a small household mixer, Gili took her home baking recipes and began making people smile.



16 years, and THOUSANDS of baskets later. Gili’s Goodies has become a household name for anyone around the  world who wants to send a gift basket of FRESH BAKED cakes and cookies, customized birthday cakes, balloons, chocolates, flowers, wine and nourishing food, to family and friends anywhere in Israel.



The most popular groups of customers are parents of seminary and yeshiva students studying in Israel for a year. Often, Gili meets customers in Jerusalem, gives them a business card and the reply is “Oh, we used your services when our kids were in Israel!! WE WERE THRILLED!!”



So the next question we ask is what about other times you just couldn’t be in Israel for a “life cycle event” and you couldn’t be there. Why not send a Gili’s package?? The answer inevitably is “What a great idea..we never thought of that!!” Now, Gili’s is reaching beyond our main client base to parents and grandparents of new (and old) immigrants and to U.S. businesses with affiliates and customers in Israel.



People worldwide have come to trust Gili’s Goodies for its high quality product, reliable, friendly and personalized service and basically for “always being there” when you need them!

In addition, Gili’s runs holiday campaigns and has distributed thousands of “goodie packages”(and provides holiday parties) to IDF soldiers, to the elderly and homebound through Yad Sarah, and to children with special needs through SHALVA.